6 Reasons Why Baby Feeding Silicone Tableware Are Best For Your Baby

baby toddler eating breakfast with Brightberry suction plate

Baby tableware that is easy to use and maintain is a must for new parents. Whether it's suction bowls, plates, bottles, or spoons, our silicone baby products are just what you need to keep your little ones safe and happy during meal times. 

1. Safe, Food Grade Silicone Baby Feeding Supplies

Brightberry's baby feeding supplies are FDA-approved food-grade silicone that doesn't contain any harmful chemical additives. Our products are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. No chemicals will leach into your child's food, no matter how much you heat or wash them. Your little one is perfectly safe with our feeding accessories.

You don't need to take our word for it when it comes to our safety record. The world's premier testing facility, TUV Laboratories, strictly tests our products and gives them a certificate of approval.

Since they are dishwasher safe, you can keep them repeatedly clean without needing hand washing. 

2. Versatile Silicone Baby Feeding Products For Babies And Toddlers

Our silicone products provide the perfect solution to feeding time difficulties for children from babies to toddlers. Our silicone spoons and teethers are gentle on gums and can double as a teething aid for little mouths when introducing solids. The ergonomic design promotes baby-led weaning, leading to full self feeding, and reduces mess for busy parents. 

Baby Led Weaning

Beginning solids is the perfect time to help your baby start self feeding. Starting solids for the first time is a special milestone. Brightberry's baby tableware is here to make the occasion joyful. Assisting your child with self feeding is one area where Brightberry's award-winning designs genuinely shine. 

Suction bowl and spoon set
Babies can start self feeding when they feel they have control over their food and feeding accessories. Our thoughtfully designed silicone spoons fit perfectly into little hands. Also, industrial design experts and our customers have praised our silicone bowls; for a good reason. The high inward curving walls provide an excellent way for babies to load food onto their spoons easily. This feature doesn't just contribute to self feeding, but also your little one's motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The suction cup attaches firmly to flat, smooth surfaces like a countertop or highchair tray, which further helps babies control their food. In addition to our suction bowl, try Brightberry silicone plate baby which introduce other design innovations. 

Suction plates
We offer an easy-scooping suction plate and a suction plate with divided sections. The easy-scooping plate has a raised rim for easy feeding without spills. This plate is ideal for babies excitedly entering a new world of textures and tastes.

We all know the drama when food doesn't stay in its place. When your child gets a little older and develops their culinary tastes, they'll inevitably get picky. We can help you avoid that sticky situation with our divided plate. With three separate compartments, you can keep even the fussiest child happy. If that isn't enough, the divided plate can double as a platter for that special get-together.

Feeding Accessories

While our bowls, plates, and spoons give you the essentials for a mess-free feeding time, you can complete the collection with our other innovatively designed products. 

Little ones learning to self feed won't get it right the first time. That's why they need a Brightberry silicone bib to protect their clothing. Our bibs come with a soft adjustable neck strap and built-in pocket to catch stray food and liquid. The bib is so light and comfortable that your bub won't even know they're wearing it.  

Smoothie cups
Our smoothie cups hold just the right volume for little tummies and a nice matte finish to help your little one grip them easily. It comes with a brush for easy cleaning, and we additionally offer stopper straws to prevent your bub from accidentally pulling the straw out of the lid. Brightberry smoothie cup also fits snugly in the round compartment of our divided plate for a neat feeding experience.

Teether rings
Teething can be uncomfortable for infants and may reduce their appetite. Why not give them a Brightberry teether ring to soothe their sensitive gums? A more comfortable teething experience means a happier baby during mealtime. Our teether rings are soft silicone toys that are 100% safe for your child. The rings have three different textures for an enjoyable sensory experience.

Check out our full range of products to see how Brightberry baby silicone tableware can make snack time an absolute breeze for your family.  

3. Easy to Keep As Good As New

Brightberry products are durable and versatile. In addition to being dishwasher safe, they are also oven and microwave safe. They can store food in the fridge or freezer as well. Ensure your Brightberry supplies remain like new with some simple maintenance considerations. 

For that perfect "new" look every time, we recommend hand washing & towel drying all silicone tableware. Using a dishwasher is entirely safe, but it sometimes leaves mineral and soap marks on the silicone. 

While Brightberry silicone is odourless, it may retain the smell of cleaning products if used with certain detergents in hot water. To avoid this problem, rinse the items thoroughly to remove any detergent residue. Doing so will also help maintain your suction bowl or plate's ability to adhere to a surface. As long as the suction base is kept clean and dry, it will continue to work on flat surfaces like highchair trays for many years.

Removing Smell From Your Silicone Tableware

Silicone absorbs scents at high temperatures. But, those smells can also disappear at high temperatures. Whether you're dealing with soap or food smells, there are two ways to eliminate them:

  1. The first way is to boil the silicone for a few minutes. Boiling is safe because our products do not contain toxic chemicals that may release under these conditions. 
  2. The alternative is to 'bake off' the smell by baking the silicone in a preheated fan-forced oven at 150°C for fifteen minutes. Please use tongs when removing the items from the oven, as silicone will get very hot. We don't recommend this method for your silicone spoon set.

Read more about Brightberry product care on our FAQ page

4. Baby Tableware That Lasts

As well as being easy to clean, our products are incredibly hardy. We are confident that anything you buy from our store will last you for years. This durability makes our tableware perfect for handing down to the next generation. 

5. Perfect for Gifting, Baby Feeding Silicone Sets

When a friend or loved one is a soon-to-be parent, our baby feeding sets are a wonderful baby shower gift. We have gift sets already bundled to cater to children at any age of development, from infant to toddler. We have a range of silicone feeding sets, from the Newborn Gift Set to the Ultimate Kids Dinner Feeding Bundle. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect choice for you.

There's no reason not to try our products to see how they can make meal times for your little eaters a fun and joyful experience.

6. Save with Bundled Feeding Sets Today

You can purchase items through our site with multiple forms of payment, including Apple pay, Paypal, Shop Pay, and more. You'll be looking for special offers if you're anything like us. Our gift bundles are available for 15% off the regular price, making them even better value than they are already.