Silicone Self Feeding Spoons

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Looking for ergonomic, child-friendly utensils?

Brightberry silicone spoons with teething handles are perfect for introducing solids and transitioning to a standard utensil. The wide and curved handle promotes the development of fine motor skills through the easy grip and hold.

The unique teething texture on the spoon handle makes these silicone spoons perfect for teething babies, while the reinforced handle provides added confidence for a successful scoop for self feeding babies and toddlers. 

A set of two spoons is ideal for promoting self-feeding by giving one spoon to the baby to mimic mum or dad when feeding. 

The silky soft silicone is non-slip, gentle on tender gums, and great for children with sensory needs.

Made from food-grade silicone with a nylon core, these silicone spoons are free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, and latex and comply with international product child safety standards (EN 14372:2004, CPSC, CPSIA & US FDA).

Dishwasher Safe & Boil Safe. 

🏆 Award-winning design by Brightberry: Australian Good Design Award Winner 2021, Korean Good Design Award Winner 2021, New York Product Design Award GOLD 2022.

Upgrade your child's mealtime experience with Brightberry's silicone self feeding spoons. Order yours today!

Wash the spoons thoroughly before first use and after each use.

✅ Dishwasher safe.
✅ Boil Safe

For that perfect "new" look every time, we recommend hand-washing & towel drying all silicone tableware. However, using a dishwasher is entirely safe.


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  • Perfectly pairs with theOne Bowls
  • BPA-Free, Safety Tested
  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
feeding & teething

Silicone Baby Spoons

Feeding time is one of the most important and fun parts of your baby’s day. Kids love learning how to feed themselves, and it’s a great bonding moment for both parents and children.

A learning experience like self-feeding is essential for your baby’s growth and development, but it can also be a messy time for everyone. When your child is teething, things can get even messier.


Self-Feeding Spoon

What do you do when your child is both teething and also learning how to self-feed? Try Brightberry silicone self-feeding spoon!

This innovative baby spoon design is perfect for a child learning how to eat while navigating the pains of teething, helping your baby learn how to solve two of their most demanding challenges: feeding and soothing the pain of teething.

Using a silicone self-feeding spoon with built-in teether helps your child feel self-sufficient and motivated. As an added benefit, you’re giving them something they can associate with relief from teething pain they may experience, making your child more proactive and aiding the development of vital skills.

Starting Solids

The Perfect Transitional Tool

Is your little one transitioning into
eating solid foods? Combining the best elements of teething with child-friendly silicone spoons, Brightberry presents an award-winning blend of form and function in these silicone baby spoons and teethers.

Your little one will always have the right tool in hand because the design fosters growth and learning when it comes to
feeding time. Both eating and teething are related activities that can be
difficult for any little one.

Ergonomic design

Multifunctional Spoons

Help teach your child how to solve multiple problems with one easy-to-use tool. The spoons are perfectly sized for their little hands and mouth, allowing your child to learn fine motor skills from scooping up their food to bringing the spoon to their mouth.

Plus, since these pieces can also be used as teethers, your child can safely chew on the spoon, helping to alleviate mouth pain.

Our silicone baby spoons are non-toxic and safe for your child to use. Since they are gentle on gums, you don’t have to worry about your child making their teething pain worse when they bite and chew.

With their intuitive designs, part baby spoon and part teething spoon, these spoons are safe and effective in teaching your child important skills.

Help Your Child Learn

Fine Motor Skills Development

As your little one gets older, there are a lot of skills they pick up on. Motor skills take time and practice.

Luckily, a lot of the other skills your baby learns helps improve their motor skills as well. For example, when a baby learns to feed themself, they are honing their hand-eye coordination and improving their grip and hand muscle control.

Its wide and curved handle promotes the development of motor skills while also being easy for a baby to hold.

Babies Mimic Parents

Baby spoon design is meant to help your child mimic parents for feeding so that they can learn how to feed themselves.

The unique, simple design of this teething spoon helps teach your baby how to transition from being fed to eating solids and using a traditional utensil.

Designed with a reinforced grip to inspire confidence and help your child make the most of mealtime, these spoons are a must-have for anyone teaching a young child how to eat with a spoon.

Comfortable Design

A flexible, non-slip grip lets your child handle the utensil with ease, but also helps make sure that more of the food goes to where it’s supposed to: straight from the plate to your child’s mouth!

The spoons are lightweight so your baby can easily pick them up and move them around, and you’ll never have to worry about the spoon getting too heavy for your child to wield effectively.

It won’t be long before your little one feels encouraged to keep using the spoon–even if it’s just because it’s fun to chew on and wave around at first–and develop the critical motor skills that come with using these essential baby utensils.

baby spoons &

Relieve Teething Pain

For a child in pain, comfort is the ultimate goal, and we’ve designed these baby spoons for maximum comfort in your child’s hand and their mouth.

The silicone is soft and gentle on a child’s gums, helping to make the experience of eating with a spoon something for your child to enjoy.

The wide, comfortable design is perfect for delicate little fingers, allowing your child to get the perfect grip on their spoon.

Plus, the integrated teether in the handle won’t hurt your child’s sensitive gums when they decide its time to chew.


Brightberry Design

Everything about the creation and design of our teething spoons promotes comfort and usability, making them perfect for your child.

Smooth, soft silicone spoons are great for children with sensory issues, since they feel comfortable in the child’s hand and are specifically created to be irritation-free for sensitive skin. Even if your child doesn’t have sensory issues, they’ll still get all the same benefits from these unique baby-friendly utensils.

Ultimately, these spoons are a great way to keep your baby looking forward to feeding times and engaged in the experience!

Brightberry spoons in beach sand
Premium Quality

Made to Last

Every baby spoon should be built to last. Your child will be using the spoon frequently, both for mealtimes and to help with teething, which means that it needs to be extra durable.

Our spoons are non-toxic and completely safe for your child to use both as an eating utensil and something to chew on to help relieve the pressures of their teething pains.

Each one can last for years and they are stain-resistant, so no matter how much of a mess your baby makes with them, they always come out looking and feeling just like new.

Easy To clean

Dishwasher Safe

For parents, another great feature of this design is that they’re easy to clean!

No matter how hard you try, we all know that it’s impossible to keep feeding time from turning messy. Silicone spoons are easy to clean so that they’re always ready the next time your child needs them.

Whether you want to throw your child’s spoon in the dishwasher after meal time or you prefer to boil it to remove bacteria and germs, our baby spoons can be cleaned either way.

Silicone Baby Spoon Design Awards

NY Product Design Award Gold for Brightberry suction bowl and spoons
Australian Good Design Award winner 2021 for Brightberry suction bowl and spoons
Korean Good Design Award winner 2021 for Brightberry suction bowl and spoons

Love For Your Baby, Love For the Planet

waterproof storage bag for kids tableware

Recyclable or Zero-Waste Packaging

At Brightberry, we want you to feel good about your purchase, which is why we prioritise using recyclable materials and minimising waste whenever possible.

Your Brightberry spoons will arrive in recyclable packaging. We are also proud to offer a zero-waste alternative for families that prefer a no - waste option - a drawstring bag. Simply let us know in your order notes.

Our spoons are made from food-grade silicone and nylon, making them strong and durable but flexible and gentle on sensitive skin. Additionally, they comply fully with international child safety standards, so they’re free of harmful materials like latex, PVC, BPA, and phthalates.

Baby Give Back

We all know your little one won’t stay that way forever. Since your Brightberry products will last long after your baby is all grown up, we are proud to offer a sustainable take-back initiative.

We have partnered with the Baby Give Back Charity to donate preloved items to families in need. If your product is in an unusable condition, we will have it properly recycled.

So, whether you plan to pass these unique utensils down to other children in the family or you want to help other families in need, with our spoons, you have your choice of options.

The safest choice for kids

Upgrade your child’s mealtimes with silicone spoons featuring integrated teethers. These utensils help your child learn and grow, while offering you an easy-to-clean option that is safe for the environment.

Order yours today and watch as your child develops vital motor skills, finds some soothing relief from those awful teething pains, and eats with more confidence than ever!

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