Welcome to Brightberry NDIS Support Page!

At Brightberry, we understand the challenges that individuals with disabilities face in their daily lives, including mealtime. Our journey has taught us that our innovative designs do not just benefit children; they also offer fantastic solutions for individuals with disabilities seeking greater independence during their meals.


Ergonomic Design

For All Abilities

Brightberry tableware offers practical solutions that facilitate easier, safer, and more independent dining experiences for people with all abilities.

How to Claim Through NDIS

For those navigating life with disabilities, we've made it easy for you to claim the purchase of our products through your NDIS plan, whether it's self-managed or plan-managed. Here's how to make Brightberry part of your mealtime solution:

Self-Managed NDIS Customers:

Simply purchase your items, add a note to your order to request the invoice and submit the invoice to the NDIS for reimbursement.

Plan-Managed NDIS Customers:

Fill out the form with your details and let your Plan Manager know about your interest in including our products in your plan. We handle the rest, from sending the invoice to shipping your chosen items directly to you.

Order Through Your NDIS Plan

Follow these steps to order through your plan:

Complete the form with your/participant name, shipping address, NDIS number, plan manager's email, and the products you wish to order.

Inform your Plan Manager of your intention to include these products in your NDIS plan.

Once we receive your form, we'll send the invoice to your Plan Manager for processing.

Upon receiving payment, we'll ship your items directly to you.

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Still Have Questions?

We're here to help! If you have any questions about our products or how to claim them through the NDIS scheme, please don't hesitate to contact us via the form above. Our team is eager to provide the support and answers you need to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Start Shopping For Your Products Now:

Silicone Suction Bowls

Brightberry's silicone bowls facilitate seamless scooping and minimise spills, enhancing dining experiences for everyone, including those with disabilities, arthritis, or limited mobility. Ideal for individuals learning to eat independently or facing challenges such as dexterity issues, tremors, or neurological conditions.

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Easy Scooping Suction Plates

Brightberry's innovative plates, designed with easy-scoop edges and high walls, enhance self-feeding for anyone needing extra help, including one-handed use. Their suction base ensures stability, while inwardly curved walls allow for effortless scooping, simplifying and enriching meal experiences for all.

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Non-Slip Smoothie Cups

Our silicone cups, with a non-slip finish & soft, free-flowing straws, come with secure lids to help prevent spills, even if knocked over. Designed for stability and comfort, these cups feature straws with stoppers to prevent removal, assisting children and users with limited mobility or special needs to ensure every sip is effortless and safe.

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