About Brightberry

When you have children, you learn the real challenge of mealtime. As parents, we simultaneously have to feed, clean up spills, and help the little ones learn to eat by themselves.  

Mateya Lotric from Brightberry holding silicone bowls and spoons

Hi, my name is Mateya. I am the Founder of Brightberry and the designer behind our tableware for children.

Why I started Brightberry

I believe that functional and user-friendly children's tableware can make a big difference in the daily lives of parents and children.

When our daughter was ready for solids, I, like other mums, bought her first tableware. I was surprised to learn that the products on the market lacked functionality and practicality. For example, the baby bowls were difficult to scoop out, had poor suction, were quickly discoloured, couldn't be washed in the dishwasher, were too small to be usable, etc.

As an industrial designer, I understand the importance of functionality in everyday products, and as a mother, I know we parents use kids' tableware multiple times a day. That's why it is essential that it is designed to make mealtimes less messy, is easy to clean and capable of helping children learn to self-feed. It's not enough for a product to look cute; it must also function well. I firmly believe in that, which is why I founded Brightberry.

Brightberry design drawings

Industrial designers are passionate about solving problems and creating better products. When I saw the lack of functional and user-friendly kids' tableware on the market, I knew this was an opportunity to make a difference.

I shared this vision (and my first drawings) with my husband, Uros, who is also an award-winning industrial designer. Together, we designed our first product, a functional, user-friendly and stylish bowl & spoon, theOne.

We were over the moon to win many Australian families' hearts and tables, and also the prestigious Australian Good Design Award in 2021 and the New York Gold Product Design Award in 2022. 

Brightberry product design awards

Tableware for busy families

Inspired by our family life and the success of our first product, we set out to continue designing products that make mealtime easier for parents and children.

Kids love to do things themselves, and our designs make it easier for them to eat independently and with less mess. Imagine the pride and joy you'll feel as you watch your child confidently finish dinner all by themselves.

Kids eating independently with Brightberry tableware

Inwardly curved walls on our bowls and plates make scooping food easy without spilling, and a strong suction base keeps dinnerware firmly in place for less messy mealtimes. Our spoons have an ergonomic arched design for easy grasping, a sturdy handle for a confident scoop and a teether to help children soothe their sore gums when growing teeth.

Easy scooping bowl and plate perfect for self feeding for kids and people with disabilities


Our commitment to quality and innovation has earned us recognition with the Australian Good Design Awards in 2022 for our following two products, the divided plate and the easy scooping plate.

We are incredibly honoured that Brightberry was recognised as one of the nation's outstanding design innovations and featured in Australia by Design Innovations TV show on Channel 10 in 2022.

A family business on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

I am grateful to live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, one of Australia's most popular travel destinations. I moved here from Slovenia with my husband and our son more than a decade ago. We have since added another member to our family: our beautiful daughter who was an inspiration for Brightberry. Although I'll always miss the beautiful Slovenia, I am ecstatic about the extraordinary life we've created here, in Australia.

Brightberry family
We are eager to see the full materialisation of our vision. We hope you will support our mission in making products actually suited for kids.

About Brightberry behind the scenes

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How are we minimising our environmental impact

We use recyclable materials and reduce waste whenever possible.
  • Our packaging is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. We use a combination of cardboard (without plastic lamination) and PET.
  • Additionally, we offer a zero-waste alternative to packaging boxes - a cotton drawstring bag. Just let us know in the order notes.
  • We use cardboard shipping boxes, tissue paper and paper void fillers - all can be reused or recycled. If we need to use bubble wrap, it's reused from our suppliers.
  • We use water-activated paper packing tapes instead of plastic tape.
  • Our tableware material of choice is silicone, which is unbreakable, and won't peel, dry out or become brittle. Silicone can last a lifetime and maintain its quality forever, reducing environmental landfill impact and additional repurchase expenses. 

Silicone Tableware Take-Back Initiative

Brightberry products can last a lifetime, so when your children grow out of the Brightberry products and you have no one to gift them to, we now offer a perfect solution. 

We are excited to partner with the QLD charity Baby Give Back. Baby Give Back is passionate about supporting families in need by providing donated essential items.

Now you can send us your preloved Brightberry products you don't need any more, so we can either donate them to Baby Give Back or properly recycle with Terra-Cycle when not in reusable condition. 

If you'd like more information, send us a message! We will be sharing more details on the initiative soon.