6 Tips to Ensure Your Suction Plates and Bowls Stay Put

 As a parent, I know the struggle all too well - those moments when your little one's dinner ends up everywhere but their mouth. That’s one of the reasons I started Brightberry!

So, you've got the suction plates and bowls, but how do you make sure they actually stick?

Tips for great suction from Mateya Lotric from Brightberry

From my kitchen to yours, here are my SIX ESSENTIAL TIPS to ensure those plates and bowls stay firmly on the table and off the floor!

1. Understanding how suction works

The key to a strong suction is to eliminate any trapped air between the bowl or plate and the surface. Suction works by creating a vacuum between the suction base and the surface it's placed on. For the best results:

Smooth Surface: the surface should be clean, dry, and without any scratches or textures. Even polished surfaces with minor scratches can compromise the suction, and even the best suction bowls will struggle.

Push the air out: It is important to press the bowl or plate down in the centre to ensure all the air is expelled, creating a strong suction bond. For the Base plate or the One bowl, press down at the center. For the Valle plate, press down on the divider in the middle. Simply pressing the edges isn't enough.

For good suction, it is important to press the bowl/plate down in the centre.

2. The Critical Role of the Surface

The surface plays a crucial role in the suction process. Here's what you need to know:
Smooth and Even: The surface should be flat without scratches or textures. Uneven surfaces can prevent proper suction.

Cleanliness is Key: Any residue, be it grease or even from wet wipes, can weaken the suction. Ensure the surface is clean and dry before placing the suction bowl or plate.

Suction can’t work on textured surfaces

3. Caring for Silicone Tableware

The condition of your suction dinnerware is just as important as the surface it's sticking to.

Avoid Residue: Ensure the bowl or plate is free from oil or soap residue. These can reduce the effectiveness of the suction.

Proper Cleaning: Use mild soap and warm water to clean your dinnerware or use dishwasher. Ensure all soap is rinsed off after washing your silicone tableware. This improves suction and prevents odours. Avoid abrasive scrubbers that can damage the suction base.

Ensure the bowl or plate is free from oil or soap residue.

4. Design Matters

Not All Plates and Bowls are Created Equal; different designs offer varying levels of effective suction. When shopping:

Check the Base: A wider base often provides better suction.

Material Matters: Some materials tend to stick better than others. Brightberry silicone, for instance, is known for its excellent suction properties.

Design Matters: Not all Plates and Bowls are created equal.

5. Embracing Curiosity

As your little one grows, they might discover the trick to undo the suction. It's a part of their learning process. Here's what you can do:

Supervise Meal Times: Keep an eye on them, especially if they've figured out how to lift the bowl or plate.

Distraction Works: Engage them with stories or songs during meal times. A distracted baby is less likely to play with their dinnerware.

Engage kids with stories or songs during meal times.

6. Overcoming Textured Surfaces

One of the common challenges many parents face is dealing with textured surfaces, which can hinder the suction process. If you're using a high chair or table with a textured surface, you might find it challenging to get that perfect stick. But don't worry, we've got a solution for you:

Brightberry's Suction Sticker: We've designed a special suction sticker that can be placed on textured surfaces to create a smooth area for your suction bowls and plates. Whether you have the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair  or any other surface, our stickers come in various shapes, including rectangular ones that you can cut to your desired shape. We even have round stickers, perfect for on-the-go situations like camping.

Easy Application: Simply attach the sticker on the textured surface, ensuring it's clean and you follow our instructions. Now, you have a smooth area ready for your suction dinnerware!

Brightberry's Suction Sticker for Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

Suction FAQs

Q: My bowl sticks initially but comes off after a while. Why?
A: This could be due to trapped air or residue on the bowl or the surface. Always ensure both the bowl and the surface are clean, and follow the suctioning technique mentioned above.

Q: Can I improve the suction of an old bowl or plate?
A: Over time, wear and tear can affect the suction. However, ensuring it's clean and free from residue can help. If issues persist, refer to our cleaning guidelines in our previous blog post or consider a replacement.

Q: My baby has figured out how to remove the bowl. What should I do?
A: It's natural for babies to be curious. Supervise their meal times and try to distract them. If they continue to remove it, consider transitioning them to regular dinnerware when you feel the time is right.

In Conclusion:

Suction bowls and plates are invaluable for stress-free meals with kids. With a bit of knowledge and care, you can maximise their benefits. Follow these tips for a seamless dining experience. We'd love to hear your experiences or answer any further questions. Happy feeding!