Brightberry Suction Bowl and Silicone Spoons Wins Gold

NY Product Design Award Trophy winner Brightberry

Brightberry Wins Gold in the 2022 NY Product Design Awards

The New York Product Design Awards has just concluded its competition for 2022 and has released the official list of winners. From the over 500 entries submitted by interested parties worldwide, the competition narrowed down its winners by determining which designers' works improved the people's daily lives the most.

In the face of intense competition, Brightberry walked away victorious with the Gold award for our theOne™ Silicone Suction Bowl and Silicone Spoons.

Mateya & Uros Lotric: "We are super excited and honoured to have won the NY Product Design Gold Award for our Suction bowl and spoons design. It's such a great recognition of our hard work in creating more functional products. As parents and industrial designers, our goal is to design practical and useful products that help children learn to eat independently with less mess, making everyday parenting a little easier." 

easy scooping suction bowl and ergonomic silicone spoon showing assisted scooping

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The NY Product Design Awards was organised with the intention to honour and promote product designers whose works make the world a better place.

"It is truly astounding to witness the number of details considered in a designer's thought process. The submissions embody the very best that this ever-evolving industry has to offer," Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of the International Awards Associate (IAA), remarked. "Take a moment to analyse their works, and that should give you a newfound appreciation for these designers' insight."

Grand Jury Panel & Evaluation Process

The awards had put in measures to ensure fairness in their judging process. By diversifying its perspectives with the 17 jurors from 14 countries, the assessments were with a more weighted approach. These jurors are esteemed professionals in their own rights and can be found under the wings of prestigious companies, such as Founder and Creative Director of Box Clever Bret Recor, Managing Director/Co-Founder of LR Seoul Joon Kwon, Industrial Designer at Arena Design Studio Elham Mirzapour, Senior Packaging Designer at Tom Ford Jiaru Lin, and Director at Studio Niko Kapa Niko Kapa, to name a few.

To impose further impartiality, the blind judging method was put to the test. With this, the jury could only assess individual entries in a vacuum without them being compared to other submissions. This resulted in entries standing out purely on their own merits. The assessment was also completed with contemporary industry standards, which separated the chaff from the grain.

Participation of International Brands

Amidst the sea of esteemed companies and named professionals, who participated with hopes to snatch the victory for themselves, Brightberry emerged victorious alongside other giants.

"While the world is itself adapting to the times that we are in, the unfaltering will and discipline shown by these professionals were truly awe-inspiring. Such excellence was certainly demonstrated by Lotric's Easy-scooping suction bowl and spoons - theOne™," Thomas said. "As we continue to move forward as a civilisation, these talented individuals would certainly serve as guideposts and encouragement to those who come after."

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