Exploring the Pros and Cons of Divided Plates: Is it Right for Your Child?


Brightberry divided plate and silicone suction plates in blue colours

When your baby starts to eat solid foods, it is an exciting time for us as parents. Whether your baby is just starting solids, a toddler who is easily distracted during meals, or a picky eater who doesn't want the foods on their plate to touch, it is essential to choose high-quality plates and bowls for successful mealtimes. They can help keep your child engaged and interested in their food.
The best baby plates and bowls are made of safe, unbreakable materials like silicone and have important qualities for young children, such as a suction base and being free of dangerous substances like BVA, BPC, Lead, or phthalates.

Plates for kids

Most people don't pay enough attention to the plates we buy for our kids. Consider a few important factors before purchasing one of the many kinds of toddler plates available on the market. Look for kids' plates and bowls that are easy for parents and children to use while still being durable enough to withstand any falls to the floor, such as Brightberry Silicone suction plates. Be sure to consider the product's practicality, functionality, care instructions, usability, and material.

happy baby exploring food on divided silicone plate

Which plate is the best: Should you divide or not?

Many parents wonder if they should use divided plates for their children. It is assumed that using plates with dividers will promote picky eating. However, it is important to note that these plates do not cause picky eating. In fact, picky eating can vary greatly among individuals and can have multiple causes. Ultimately, both divided and undivided plates have benefits that should be taken into account when making a choice.

Pros of divided plates

When your child begins the journey of eating solid foods, divided plates can be a wonderful option to help them visualise and understand the different types of foods on their plate. Divided plates provide you with a view of the entire dish at once. When children see everything arranged in this way, they can choose one food item at a time to explore and taste. They will undoubtedly mix it up from there if they choose to.
The three perfectly sized sections of Brightberry's award-winning toddler silicone plate are perfect for parents to use when preparing a nutritious dinner for their children. The two bigger areas are fantastic for something filling like rice or pasta along with a portion of veggies or fruits, and the little round section is great for small portions of food, dips, sauce, and smoothie cups.

Brightberry divided plate with smoothie cup

Non-divided plates

Non-divided plates, such as our Brightberry's easy scooping suction plate, offer many benefits for growing children. As your child moves past the stage of wanting isolated foods on their plate, a larger plate surface can help them pick up more food on their spoon, experiment with new food combinations, and practice their fine motor skills. Non-divided plates are also great for serving different meals, such as pasta, risotto or porridge.

Non-divided plates have their advantages, especially when your child has moved past the "isolated foods" stage and wants to use a plate as their parents do. With a larger plate surface of the non-divided suction plate, your child can pick up more food on the spoon, practice new combinations of food, and even practice their fine motor skills. Non-divided plates are also great for serving different meals, such as pasta, risotto or porridge. Many traditional toddler plates on the market fall short in design and functionality, with flat surfaces or low edges that make it easy for food to spill out, making mealtime a frustrating experience.
Brightberry's easy scooping suction plate features a high easy scooping edge with curved walls and extended rims so that the baby can guide food on the spoon easier with fewer spills over the edge.

showing easy scooping with Brightberry high contoured walls on silicone plates for kids and people with limited dexterity

In conclusion, both divided and undivided plates have their unique benefits. So, why not try both and use them for various meals and occasions?