Smoothie Cups - 5 Smoothies With Hidden Veggies Your Kids Will Enjoy

5 Smoothies With Hidden Veggies Your Kids Will Enjoy

What is it with kids and vegetables? One moment your little one is happily scarfing down whatever you get them, then a switch flips, and all they’ll accept is chicken nuggets, macaroni, and cheese. Smoothies may be the answer if you’re wondering how you’ll ever get your child to eat their greens. There are many recipes with hidden veggies you can secretly sneak into your child’s smoothie cup; no power struggle required!

5 Smoothies Your Child Will Love

Getting your child to eat healthily can feel like a never-ending struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. Try these healthy smoothie recipes, and watch your little munchkin happily slurp them up with no question about the ingredients.

Orange Tropical Paradise

Your child will be so busy slurping up the sweetness of pineapple, banana, and mango that they won’t even notice carrots! Carrots contain many beneficial nutrients to help your kids grow healthy and strong, including potassium, vitamin A, and various antioxidants. Add vanilla almond milk and greek yoghurt for texture and taste, then put this delicious blend into a cup with a straw and watch it magically disappear before your eyes.

Berry Berry Good

Colour matters for kids–and what child wouldn’t want to drink up this magical purple smoothie? Blend blueberry greek yoghurt, vanilla almond milk, frozen berries, and kale–yes, kale–to complete this vivid creation. Kale is the superfood of leafy greens, with many essential vitamins and minerals to fuel your child’s growth and development, and you can’t even taste it in this blend. You’ll be surprised how quickly your little tyke empties their smoothie cup

Strawberry Banana Yumminess

This one is full of good stuff, featuring deliciously sweet strawberries and bananas, once again mixed with vanilla almond milk and greek yoghurt. The secret ingredient in this tasty mixture is finely chopped bell pepper. The colour and taste will blend perfectly in your kid’s smoothie cup, making this recipe a homerun for little ones.

Queen of Green

If your child isn’t too put off by the colour green, they’ll find this one surprisingly tasty. Almond milk, banana, frozen mango, peanut butter, rolled oats, avocado, and spinach make a delicious and nutritious snack. The pale green shade is bright enough that your child won’t be too suspicious…maybe.

Dragon Fruit Delight

Put this one in a cup with a straw and watch your child gasp over the gorgeous pink-purple colour. While sweet potato may be the hidden healthy saviour in this mix, it’s a dragon fruit that gives it that beautiful colour. Mix cooked sweet potato, mango, almond butter, dragon fruit, and a pinch of vanilla powder if necessary. If dragon fruit is hard to come by, you can substitute it for frozen berries.

Parent and Kid-Approved Smoothies For Your Little One

Sometimes, you must be a little sneaky to prove to your child that food can be nutritious and delicious. Your child will love to see these recipes in their smoothie cup – it’s almost like dessert! These kid-approved smoothies are sure to get your munchkin on track for a bright, healthy future.