Smoothie Cups: The Best Options for Toddlers, Kids, and Babies

Brightberry Lilac and Buttermilk kids smoothie cups

Benefits of Using Smoothie Cups

Do you have trouble getting your kids to drink water or other healthy beverages? If so, you’re not alone. Many parents struggle to get their kids to drink enough water throughout the day. Fortunately, there's a solution that can help: smoothie cups with straws, especially designed for kids!


Kids smoothie cups are a great way to make drinking fun and enjoyable for children. They come in a variety of fun colours that can appeal to kids of all ages. Plus, if they’re made of silicone, they’re durable and don’t break if dropped. One of the best features of these cups is the straws. Straws make it easier for kids to drink without spilling and add an extra layer of fun that makes drinking more enjoyable. Not only that, but straws help to encourage proper oral development in kids as they learn to sip and swallow properly.


Brightberry's smoothie cups are great travel companions. Lightweight, durable, and compact, they're ideal for picnics, visits to the grandparents, or any little adventure. Their resilient design means even if there's a little tumble or throw (we know kids will be kids), they remain in tip-top shape, ready for the next sip.

Eco-Friendly & Durable

Silicone, as a material, stands out for its eco-friendliness and durability. Brightberry smoothie cups are a testament to that. Made with 100% food-grade silicone, they're safe for your child and for the environment. By opting for these reusable cups, you contribute to reducing the single-use plastic menace. Plus, silicone is robust - it can withstand those unpredictable toddler tantrums!


From yummy smoothies to fresh juices, water, or milk, our cups are versatile enough to hold your child's favourite beverages. This means one cup caters to multiple needs, simplifying your kitchen storage. Also, the thick silicone straws make it easier for your child to sip even the thickest of shakes.

Beyond beverages, Brightberry smoothie cups have been used by many parents for yogurt parfaits and fruit purees. This multi-functionality offers convenience and means economic savings in the long run. When one product can serve multiple purposes, it ensures value for every dollar spent.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Kids’ Smoothie Cups


When choosing a smoothie cup for your child, it's important to consider the material it's made from. Here are some commonly used materials and why silicone stands out:
• Plastic: While cheap and widely available, plastic cups can sometimes contain harmful substances like BPA, phthalates, and other chemicals that can leach into the drink. They also tend to be less durable and can scratch easily, which can harbour bacteria.
Stainless Steel: Known for its durability, stainless steel cups can be too heavy for little hands. Additionally, they can sometimes impart a metallic taste to the drink.
• Glass: While this is a clean material that doesn't impart any taste to the drink, it's breakable and not suitable for young children.
• Silicone (Brightberry Standard): Brightberry smoothie cups are made from 100% food-grade silicone. They are lightweight, soft to the touch, and are free from harmful substances like BPA and PVC. Silicone doesn't "sweat", so the cup doesn't become slippery, ensuring a good grip. Unlike many other materials, silicone doesn't impart any taste to the drink. What truly sets Brightberry apart is the rigorous testing our cups undergo in independent laboratories to guarantee safety and quality.

When selecting a smoothie cup, always prioritise your child's health and safety. It's essential to be aware of the potential health hazards of substances like BPA and phthalates, especially for our kids. These chemicals have been linked to hormonal disruptions and other health issues. Please beware of choosing cheap alternatives that don’t even use food-grade silicone!

Size and Capacity

When it comes to selecting the perfect smoothie cup, size truly matters. On the market, you might come across smaller cups. While these might look cute and are handy for a quick sip, they often mean that your child will be heading back for refills more often than you'd like. On the other end of the spectrum, there are larger cups. These are great for those with big thirsts, but there's a downside: once filled, they can quickly become too heavy for little hands to manage comfortably.

Brightberry smoothie cups have been thoughtfully designed to hold up to 240 ml of liquid, just the right amount for little tummies without the need for constant refills. Beyond capacity, their size is perfectly tailored for small hands, ensuring a comfortable grip. The lightweight nature of the Brightberry smoothie cups combined with a silky finish ensures they're not slippery, even when held for extended periods.

Lid Design

How often have you seen a cup tumble and its contents spill everywhere?
A unique feature of Brightberry's cups is their secure lid design. Unlike many competitors, the lid stays firmly in place even if the cup takes a tumble or drops, ensuring minimal mess.


Silicone isn’t just durable; it's an excellent insulator too. It keeps those summer smoothies cold and winter hot chocolates warm, just the way kids love.

Ease of Cleaning

Every mum values simplicity when it comes to cleaning. Some cups, especially those with intricate designs or multiple components, can be challenging to wash thoroughly. It's essential to ensure all parts are easily accessible to avoid any leftover residues or potential bacterial growth.
The advantage of silicone cups is their simplicity. Being dishwasher safe, they can be quickly cleaned without meticulous scrubbing. Whether hand washed or placed in a dishwasher, silicone offers both durability and ease, ensuring the cup remains hygienic and ready for the next use.

What Sets Brightberry Smoothie Cups for Kids Apart?

Brightberry Smoothie Cups are thoughtfully designed for your child’s transition from bottles to cups, ensuring every sip is a delight. Our soft, matte silicone finish, available in a palette of nine vibrant colours, is perfect for little hands, allowing a confident grip. Beyond aesthetics, the unique straw design with a stopper promises easy sipping without mess. Every Brightberry cup promises hydration and an exciting, colourful experience for your little one. And guess what? As your toddler grows, it easily transitions into an open cup.

Hearing from our community always brings us joy. 

Katie recently shared, 'Love that it is so difficult to spill and that my baby can’t pull the lid off or the straw out! It’s sturdy, well made and we use it every day. Thank you!'

While Lisa remarked, 'Better than Subo!! Recommending to my friends.'

It's testimonials like these that stand as a testament to the quality and design of our products.

The Right Way to Clean and Care for Your Brightberry Kids' Smoothie Cups

Ensuring longevity and hygiene for your child’s smoothie cup involves thoroughly cleaning. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Disassemble the Cup
Begin by separating the cup, the lid, and the straw. This ensures that every part is accessible for cleaning.

Step 2: Rinse with Warm Water
Hold each part under warm running water, rinsing any obvious debris.

Step 3: Use a Bottle Brush or Sponge
For the cup and lid, use a soft sponge to clean the interiors and exteriors. For the straw, a dedicated straw brush is ideal.

Step 4: Rinse Thoroughly
Hold each part under running water again to remove all soap traces.

Step 5: Air Dry or Towel Dry
Place the cup, lid, and straw on a drying rack to air dry. Alternatively, you can use a clean towel to pat them dry to ensure a spotless look every time.


In the journey of motherhood, every choice reflects love and care. Our smoothie cups, designed with both mum and child in mind, offer safety, convenience, and a touch of fun. Elevate your child's beverage experience with our premium cups and witness joy in every sip!

We invite you to experience the Brightberry difference for yourself. And rest assured, every purchase is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. If you're not entirely happy, reach out to us, and we'll make it right. Join the Brightberry family and elevate your child's hydration experience!