Brightberry receives another award for our innovative designs!

Corporate Vision, UK has finalised the results of the Small Business Awards 2021, and Brightberry has been named one of the illustrious victors. We are proud to announce we have been presented with the following:

Small Business Awards 2021 Brightberry wins The best tableware business in Australia

Best Children's Tableware Brand 2021 - Australia
Award for Innovation in Functional Design 2021


What the Corporate Vision has said: "This truly represents all of your hard work and dedication paying off. Our merit led selection process narrows down nominees in order to seek out exclusively the very best that the Small Business industry has to offer on a global scale." 


How is Brightberry different

Brightberry focuses on tableware functionality. Our baby & toddler product innovations are well-designed and practical. Attention to detail permeates all aspects of the Brightberry product line for children, from the arc of a spoon to the spoon handle's width to the bowl's and plate's inward curve for easy scooping. Each Brightberry design is created with intention. Thus, Brightberry is repeatedly singled out and awarded for our product designs.