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Who doesn't love cool and yummy smoothies? Kids sure do. With a 100% silicone smoothie cup, your children can happily enjoy a delicious juice, milkshake, or whatever drink they love. The food-grade silicone makes them durable and entirely safe for your kids and is easy to keep clean in a dishwasher or by hand. Plus, they are microwave-safe and even freezer safe.

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Our smoothie cups are perfect for little hands

Brightberry prides itself on providing products that help little ones improve their self feeding skills. Our smoothie cups are no different. Brightberry smoothie cups are perfect for helping toddlers progress from bottles to sippy and kid's cups.

The silicone matt finish is soft to the touch and easy to grip. This silky textured surface makes it easier for little hands to hold on and prevents the cup from slipping from their grasp, unlike a slippery stainless steel cup. Silicone lids help prevent spills and are removable (only by a parent) so your child can drink from an open cup. 

toddler girl drinking from silicone sippy smoothie cup with straw in blueberry blue colour

hot or cold drinks

For Babies & Toddlers

Our smoothie cups have a perfect capacity for little tummies, from babies to toddlers. Whether your little one is a baby or toddler, there's no need to worry about the cup being too bulky for them to manage.

Silicone is also heat and cold-resistant, so our cups will keep your child's drinks cold or hot as needed.

Brightberry's smoothie cups come with silicone straws with stoppers. Our thick silicone straws have several benefits over plastic straws or disposable straws:

✔️ Easier to Sip: Thicker straws allow children to consume thicker beverages, like smoothies or milkshakes, more easily.

✔️ Oral Motor Skills: Drinking from a straw requires complex oral motor skills. These skills involve the coordinated movement of the tongue, lips, and cheeks, the same muscles used in speech production. Hence, drinking from a straw can help strengthen these muscles, indirectly improving speech.

✔️ Safety: A straw can be a haven for bacteria and other nasties. However, silicone is the easiest material to keep clean. Whether you're hand washing it with our dedicated straw brush or putting them through the dishwasher doesn't matter. Our straws will remain as new for your child. 

✔️ Durability: Our silicone is very durable and will last for years. You can use our straws every day for years without them wearing out. You no longer have to deal with a soggy paper straw that collapses easily, dangerous glass or stainless steel straws, or environmentally harmful plastic alternatives.

stopper straws

Specially designed smoothie cup straws

Our large smoothie cups include our specially designed stopper straws for that excitable little bub. These straws have a fin-shaped stopper that prevents your child from pulling it out of the cup and potentially spilling their drink. The straw's base also has a wavy design that enables kids to drink without the straw sticking to the bottom of the cup.

All our products are available in multiple colours, allowing your child to identify the cup easily as their own. This identification with a particular cup promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility.

colourful choice

Silicone smoothie cups make meal times yummy

Our kids smoothie cup with straw is perfect for little hands to grip and hold. These silicone cups with straws are available in a range of fun colours. They are a great way to ensure your little munchkin gets essential nutrients and stays hydrated throughout the day.

Lightweight, durable and soft to the touch

All designs are lightweight, durable and soft to the touch, making them ideal for packing in the pram and taking out on little picnics, visits, and adventures. Just in case your little one happens to spill their drink, we also make a range of adorable silicone bibs that are super easy to clean – simply wipe spills off with a cloth.

Don't worry if your toddlers get boisterous and throw their cups, as the dent-resistant finish will ensure it remains good as new with a quick clean.

The safest choice for your children

Made with FDA 100% food-grade silicone, our sippers are kid-safe and BPA and PVC-free for your total peace of mind. Before any product launches, we have all our items tested by TUV Laboratories, which has been at the forefront of safety testing for over a century.

Good for your child and the environment!

Our smoothie cups are completely reusable, making them green and eco-friendly. They're also made with durable materials, meaning they can accompany your child on all their little adventures! Just think about how many juice boxes your little one goes through. Wouldn't it be nice to reduce the amount of rubbish we produce by utilising more reusable products?

Silicone Cups Make a Great Gift

Looking for the perfect first birthday gift or baby shower gift? Choose Brightberry's gift set! Our durable silicone smoothie cups pair perfectly with our other award-winning products to make mealtime enjoyable for little ones.

Toddler Dinner Set

Perfect for toddlers, our Toddler Dinner Set is made up of a smoothie cup, bib, easy scoop plate, and divided plate. The smoothie cup keeps feeding time less messy and fits neatly into the divided plate's round compartment.

This pack sets your toddler up to take greater ownership of their food.

Ultimate Kids Dinner Feeding Bundle

Upgrade your little one's mealtime experience with the Ultimate Kids Dinner Feeding Bundle! It contains everything in the Toddler Dinner Set plus: a suction bowl set, four 2-in-1 silicone spoons and a set of replacement silicone stopper straws with a cleaning brush.

This massive bundle provides your little one with everything they need to make meal times fun and full of new culinary experiences. 

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