Tazones de succión & Bowl Sets with Spoons

Los cuencos y cucharas de silicona de Brightberry están diseñados para facilitar la acción de servir alimentos sin derrames y con una base de succión fuerte que evita que el cuenco se caiga al suelo. También son más grandes que otros cuencos para bebés en el mercado; a los niños de todas las edades y a los adultos les encantan nuestros cuencos de succión, y es fácil ver por qué.

Cleaner meal times

Silicone Bowl Baby

Every parent knows the joys and struggles of meal time with their little ones. It’s an excellent time to connect with your little bub and share in the beautiful experience of introducing them to new flavours and textures. That’s part of the joy of food after all!

However, we all know that meal time can quickly turn into a giggly food fight, with your tirelessly prepared meal ending up everywhere except where it’s supposed to be. 

BAby bow eating yogurt brom silicone suction bowl with baby spoon in navy blue blueberry colour
child holding silicone spoon and scooping from suction bowl with suction base and spoon in pink colour
ergonomic design

Multi Award-Winners

With our thoughtfully designed tableware for tots, we can help you capture the fun of meals while avoiding the struggles. Our full silicone spoon and bowl set are designed for easy scooping and preventing food from being dropped on the floor. They’re also made more functional and larger than other alternatives on the market. Children of all ages and adults with limited dexterity love these – and it's easy to see why.

Here are some of the reasons you'll love our products:

✔️ Teaches independence and self-feeding

✔️ Cleaner meal times

✔️ Faster introduction to solids

✔️ Helps with the teething process

✔️ Attractive and functional design

✔️ Make wonderful gifts

With so much to offer, let's explore how Brightberry suction bowls and spoons will benefit you.

Purposefully designed silicone bowl and spoon set

Silicone suction bowl with suction base and two ergonomic silicone spoons in light blue colour

Great value for money

Brightberry’s silicone bowls and spoons for kids make mealtimes a breeze! The award-winning TheOne™ Set is ideal for feeding babies and toddlers. The set includes a large silicone bowl and not one but two ergonomic baby spoons that double as teethers.

Innovatively shaped design

Everything about the products Brightberry creates is with your baby’s welfare and usability in mind. Their unique design makes scooping easy both for babies and adults. Our purposefully designed silicone bowl is shaped with high walls with an inward slope that helps babies practice their fine motor skills to load food onto their spoon easily. 

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toddler boy holding silicone spoon trying to unstick suction bowl from the high chair tray

Suction-capped bowl

The suction base creates a solid foundation for a smoother and less messy eating experience, as the suction bowl will firmly stick to flat and dry sealed surfaces such as high chairs, counters and tables. Easily press down in the middle to attach to your desired surface.

The other significant upside to all this is a relatively mess-free meal time that doesn't result in your little one spreading delicious baby food over every nearby surface. Yes, it is possible!

Silicone bowls for independence and self-feeding

Enjoying time with your little one during mealtime can be a wonderful experience. It is also a time when your baby can learn to eat independently. The ability to self-feed is a new and exciting milestone and an essential step in allowing your child to gain a sense of independence and self-reliance.

Introducing your baby to feeding without strict adult supervision may seem like a long process requiring much patience. However, with the right tools, your child could be feeding themselves in no time.

baby girl self feeding baby food with Brightberry silicone spoon and suction bowl in sage colour siting in a high chair
toddler girl in jeans sitting in a high chair and eating yogurt and strawberries with a silicone spoon from the suction bowl with rounded sides and a suction base in sage green colour

Designed for ease of use

Brightberry's suction bowls and spoons are a lifesaver in terms of functionality. With an easy-to-grasp silicone spoon that won't slip out of little hands, your baby can quickly learn the mechanics of navigating food to their mouth.

By keeping the process as simple as possible, our ergonomically designed bowls assist with the easy loading of the spoon with their high, inward curving walls. The suction-capped bowl base allows your baby to focus on accessing their food rather than worrying about controlling the bowl's movement.

With this newfound independence comes a sense of ownership over their utensils. Once they have transitioned from being fed to understanding that they have control over their spoon and eating, they will naturally take more care to use them appropriately, resulting in even greater autonomy.

Introducing solid foods and Teething

Introducing solids

Beginning your baby on solids is an exciting milestone that can coincide with their introduction to feeding by themselves. Our silicone bowl and spoon set make starting solids easy by helping your bub explore new textures at their own pace.

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teething baby chewing silicone spoon teether smiling


Teething can be a difficult time for both children and parents. The discomfort from sore gums can make eating a problem, even causing your baby to lose their appetite and want to skip meals. Our spoons are 100% silicone and are gentle on sensitive gums. When new teeth are coming through, our silicone spoons can double as teething aids to make meal times during these tricky periods easier. 

Accessories like our silicone teether ring are also available to help your little one through the teething process, with its multitude of different textures to keep your baby entertained while their teeth develop.

Easy to use and wash

All the silicone we use to create our baby products is moulded from a single piece of material. As a result, there aren't any joins, cracks, or other difficult-to-reach areas where food debris may collect and draw bacteria. Cleaning them is considerably simpler no matter how frequently our items are used. You can stack them with your other dishes because they can be hand washed but are dishwasher safe.

Our bowls and plates are also microwave safe and can therefore be used to store and reheat food at a later time quickly.

Brightberry silicone suction bowl in pacific light blue colour side view with curved sides and suction base with an easy release tab
women's hands washing Brightberry silicone suction bowl under clean tap water
Brightberry tableware is safety certified BPA free, dishwasher safe, sterilisation safe, FDA approved
bpa free

Safe for babies

All our products are manufactured from 100% FDA-approved, food-grade silicone that has passed the stringent Australian and worldwide regulatory requirements. The top testing facility, TUV Laboratories, independently tests them.

The silicone we use does not contain harmful chemicals, is completely BPA-free, and includes no BPS, PVC, lead, or phthalates. As a result, they are entirely microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. They can be heated and frozen without concern, as there is no risk of dangerous chemicals leaching from them. As a result, they are safer than their plastic counterparts.

recyclable & reusable

Responsibly packaged

With a focus on minimising our environmental effects, we are committed to offering kid's baby tableware products that are both safe and creatively designed.

Packaging created or disposed of improperly can frequently result in serious environmental harm. We have gone to considerable lengths to use recyclable packing materials in light of this solely. We can deliver our tableware in a reusable cotton bag or wrapped in tissue paper if you prefer no packaging.

recyclable sign on the recyclable packaging box by Brightberry
Brightberry reusable cotton bag packaging alternative

as seen on channel 10

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are proud to have received many extremely positive customer reviews based on their experience with some of the best-selling items across our range of products. If you're wondering what all the hype is about, visit our online shop reviews and see for yourself.

We recently appeared on the Channel 10 television programme Australia by Design: Innovations after being named one of the country's top baby product innovations.

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Perfect as a gift

We are confident that you will want to give our silicone bowl and spoon set to all of your friends since you will be so impressed with it.

Extensive range

Our product range extends beyond bowls and spoons and includes accessories such as bibs and smoothie cups. As with our bowls, these items are made from single pieces of silicone, making them easy to wash.

They are also free of harmful chemicals manufactured from the same FDA-approved silicone. There are no toxic materials or additives in their silicone construction. They're sturdy enough to withstand the microwave, the freezer, and the dishwasher.

Pick up these items in the shop and your bowl and spoon combo, and complete your set today.

A deep blueberry-colored silicone pocket bib that can be rolled for storage, paired with its waterproof zippered carry bag complete with a handle, perfect for mealtimes on the go or eating out.


Brightberry bibs are sturdy but soft and lightweight and sit comfortably around a baby's neck. They have an adjustable neck size and a pocket at the front to catch any stray food or drink that might otherwise stain your child's clothing.

Smoothie cups

Our silicone smoothie cups feature a silicone top and a detachable straw and are tiny enough to fit comfortably in small hands. They are simple to wash by hand or in the dishwasher. Additionally, to facilitate thorough cleaning, a brush is also included.

Start your collection today

At Brightberry, we're committed to providing practical, environmentally sustainable designs that make mealtime easy and encourage self-feeding. Our collection is perfect for tots of all ages – from when they start solids to preschool.

Our tableware products, including bowls, have all been tested independently to ensure their quality and safety. Our award-winning designs, created in Australia by our industrial design parents, have received numerous recognitions.

For further questions, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team at contact@brightberry.com.au. We're always on hand to assist you and ensure you're pleased with your purchase.