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Wholesale Kids Tableware for Stockists & Distributors

Brightberry is a true innovator when it comes to wholesale kids' tableware. Our silicone utensils, plates, bowls, and accessories help parents maximise feeding time. We offer functional and colourful designs that encourage self-feeding and learning, promote motor skill development, and last for years.

Brightberry wholesale kids tableware from Australia is easy to clean and safe to use, completely free of harmful chemicals, and designed in full compliance with international children's safety standards. If you're looking for the perfect products to add to your inventory, look no further – we have what you need.

By choosing Brightberry kids’ tableware wholesale, you choose to bring safe and practical range of dishes and utensils to your customers, including:

Our Australian-designed and award-winning products are ready for display, coming in attractive and eco-friendly packaging, with a proven design that resonates with both parents and children.

Brightberry wholesale

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We’re excited to welcome you to our family-owned business as a Brightberry stockist or distributor. At Brightberry, we are passionate about designing high-quality tableware for children that simplifies life for families across Australia and the world.

We are committed to responsible business practices, including responsible sourcing and ethical standards. We prioritise eco-friendly products, packaging, and processes wherever possible and are proud to offer recycling program for our products.

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Gift & Baby Shops

Becoming a Brightberry stockist or distributor means helping families succeed. We're eager to work with baby shops, gift shops and pharmacies that are passionate about delivering the gift of functionality and ease into the routines of families everywhere.

Our practical, user-friendly kids’ tableware is designed to significantly improve the daily lives of both parents and children, turning mealtime into an enjoyable experience. By stocking Brightberry, you bring more than products to your shelves — you bring solutions that make a real difference.

Partner with us and be part of a community dedicated to enhancing family well-being through innovative and thoughtful design.

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Best silicone dinnerware on the market!

Brightberry Stockist

Brightberry has been an absolute hit since we started carrying it. It quickly became our bestseller, even with all the other brands we have on our shelves. Customers just can't seem to get enough of it, and we've had to restock it multiple times.

Brightberry Stockist

We absolutely love working with Brightberry! Their fully enclosed packaging ensures that the products are protected from dust, keeping them pristine and ready for our customers.

Brightberry Stockist

Brightberry Wholesale Available on Faire

Are you a retailer interested in high-quality, innovative baby and young child feeding products? Brightberry offers a wide range of products designed to cater to families’ real needs, providing environmentally sustainable and affordable tableware. We are passionate about sharing our vision with retailers who are committed to making a difference.

Partnering through Faire, Brightberry wholesale allows you to stock our safe, sustainable, and functional silicone feeding accessories, helping families discover products that truly enhance mealtime. For exclusive offers specifically for our Faire customers, please refer to the banner below.

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We invite you to become a part of the Brightberry network as a stockist or distributor. Partner with us to bring these innovative and functional products into the homes of families across Australia and beyond. We're dedicated to helping retailers like you succeed by enhancing the dining experience for children and parents alike.

If you want to be part of the Brightberry family, please click the button below to email us and register for a wholesale account today. It’s our goal to bring our amazing tableware products to more people, and you are an integral part of that process.

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Attractive Wholesale Discounts

At Brightberry, we're committed to supporting our retail customers with top-quality wholesale baby tableware to ensure your success. We offer attractive wholesale pricing that helps you maintain a healthy profit margin, making it easy and rewarding to stock our children's tableware.

Enjoy the convenience of fast, reliable shipping ensuring you always have the items you need when you need them. Plus, to help you get familiar with our product quality and design, we provide store samples, allowing you to showcase our range confidently to your customers.

Choose Brightberry for a straightforward and beneficial partnership. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us - we are ready to help you at every step.

Benefits of Partnering with Brightberry

We are committed to partnering with you to get the best and most durable kids’ tableware for your customers. In addition to our unique and functional products, working with Brightberry comes with added perks!

We put smiles on the faces of our customers, parents, and children alike, but you’ll also enjoy the rewards of working with the Brightberry brand for your wholesale kid’s dining needs.

Unique Products

Designed by award-winning Industrial Designers and parents, you can be sure you won’t find products like ours anywhere else.

Marketing Materials

Our stockists and distributors get access to our marketing library of 100’s of product and lifestyle photos and videos you can share with your audiences.

Fast Shipping

We offer swift shipping with a fulfillment time of just 1-2 business days, ensuring a seamless experience for our partners.

Payment Options

We provide multiple payment options such as debit card, credit card, PayPal, bank deposit, and up to 60 days net terms for your convenience.

Store Samples

We offer store samples to ensure you can effectively showcase and demonstrate our products to your customers.

Monthly Specials

Enjoy exclusive monthly deals and promotions tailored for our valued wholesale partners, delivered straight to your inbox via our newsletter.

These additional benefits, along with our competitive pricing and outstanding products, help you get the Brightberry products you need when you need them. Plus, because of our quick, reliable shipping practices, you’ll receive your items in a timely manner.
Whether you’re just starting out your business or you’ve been selling baby products, gifts or houseware products for years, adding our kids’ tableware to your product list is the right choice.

Brightberry Recognition and Awards

NY Product Design Award Gold for Brightberry suction bowl and spoons
Australian Good Design Award winner 2021 for Brightberry suction bowl and spoons
Best children's tableware brand 2021 Australia, Award for innovation in functional design 2021 by Brightberry
Brightberry is the best Australian children's tableware brand 2022 by Apac
Korean Good Design Award winner 2021 for Brightberry suction bowl and spoons

Award-Winning Excellence in Kids' Tableware

Our commitment to excellence has been recognised with numerous awards, including the New York Product Design Award and the Australian Good Design Award. These accolades reflect the innovative and high-quality nature of our products.

Featured on "Australia By Design TV: Innovation" on Channel 10, our tableware has demonstrated its market appeal and uniqueness. By stocking Brightberry in your store, you provide products celebrated for their quality and design, attracting customers who value excellence and innovation in children’s tableware.

Working with Brightberry means being part of a sustainable, high-quality brand that makes a real difference in the lives of thousands of families. Our range of products includes tableware that actually helps children learn important self-feeding skills and can last for years even with daily use. Some of our most popular products include:

Easy Scoop

Suction Bowls with Spoons

Brightberry suction bowls are uniquely designed to support children learning to feed themselves. The innovative 360-degree negative angle assists in loading food onto the spoon, while a strong suction base ensures the bowl remains securely in place, preventing slips or spills. Unlike standard baby bowls, our larger design ensures they remain useful for years, not just months.

Each set includes two spoons - one for the baby and one for the parent - to eliminate frustrations during feeding times. Our bowls and spoons are safe, easy to clean (dishwasher safe), and versatile, suitable for use in the microwave, oven, or stored in fridges or freezers when used with our bowl lid.

Parents love our suction bowls for their functionality and durability, making them an excellent choice for retail shops looking to enrich their offerings with high-quality, practical children's tableware.

Divided & non-divided

Suction Plates

Similar to our suction bowls, Brightberry suction plates are innovatively designed with an inwardly curved edge to facilitate easy loading of food onto the spoon, making them perfect for children learning to feed themselves. Each plate features a robust suction base that prevents throwing and sliding, cleverly concealed to deter curious little hands.

We offer two distinct designs tailored to different mealtime needs: an easy-scooping plate ideal for main meals and divided plates perfect for snacks, breakfast, or picky eaters. Made from sturdy silicone, our plates maintain their shape under pressure and more closely resemble traditional ceramic plates - a distinct advantage over other market options.

For wholesale buyers, Brightberry suction plates represent an opportunity to offer innovative, durable, and child-friendly tableware that stands out. Stocking Brightberry plates ensures your offerings appeal to discerning parents looking for practical solutions that enhance mealtime experiences.

baby & kids

Smoothie Cups with Stopper Straw

Brightberry Smoothie Cups are designed to capture all the excitement of enjoying a smoothie, combined with the durability and adaptability needed for daily use by children. Safe for both microwaving and refrigerating, these cups handle a variety of drinks, making them a versatile choice for any beverage.

Each cup features a secure lid and a stopper straw design to ensure easy, mess-free drinking - perfect for kids on the go. Available in a range of vibrant colours, Brightberry Smoothie Cups are designed to appeal to children and families alike, enhancing the fun and enjoyment of healthy habits.

Moreover, the shape and design fit perfectly into the small round section of our divided suction plates, making it perfect for serving snacks or breakfast. T This compatibility makes them an excellent gift option for toddlers.

Stock your shelves with Brightberry Smoothie Cups to offer your customers a practical, stylish, and child-friendly solution for everyday refreshments.

for teething babies

Spoons & Teethers

When smoothie cups aren’t enough, parents might need a baby spoon to help their child reach a delicious treat. These spoons also help little ones learn how to feed themselves while gaining crucial motor skills and learning about their environment. Silicone baby spoons pair well with the plates, bowls, and kids’ smoothie cups we offer to our wholesale partners, helping to make each meal an experience.

Plus, our baby spoons have an integrated teether in the handle that works to help relieve the aches and pains of sore gums. The baby spoon has a flexible but reinforced handle to encourage confidence, reduce accidents, and help promote the development of vital motor skills.

A Brighter Future Together

We are excited to work with stockists and distributors in Australia, New Zealand and around the globe to help bring our exciting range of baby spoons, suction bowls, suction plates, and other silicone feeding accessories to more retailers and homes across the country and worldwide.

Brightberry wholesale kids’ tableware is where our passion for safe, functional children’s eating utensils and dishes meets your passion for sharing fine products with your customers. From individual dishes to complete feeding sets, we have the options that you need to serve your customers.

Ready to make a difference? Join the Brightberry wholesale family today. Simply fill out our registration form or order on Faire below.