Babero de Silicona con Bolsa Impermeable
Babero de Silicona con Bolsa Impermeable
Babero de Silicona con Bolsa Impermeable
hand holding Brightberry bib packed in a waterproof carry bag
Babero de Silicona con Bolsa Impermeable
Babero de Silicona con Bolsa Impermeable
A silicone pocket bib and its waterproof carry bag with a zipper and handle in sage colour, ideal for on-the-go convenience.
Brightberry silicone bib with pocket and waterproof carry bag in a matching colour
A refreshing pacific light blue silicone pocket bib that can be neatly rolled for storage, presented with its waterproof carry bag featuring a zipper and handle, ensuring hassle-free meals while traveling or eating out.
A deep blueberry-colored silicone pocket bib that can be rolled for storage, paired with its waterproof zippered carry bag complete with a handle, perfect for mealtimes on the go or eating out.
A hot pink riberry-hued silicone pocket bib comes with a waterproof carry bag featuring a zipper and handle, making it travel-friendly.
A sleek slate-colored silicone pocket bib, easily rolled for compact storage, displayed next to its waterproof carry bag with a zipper and handle, ideal for dining out or quick meals away from home.
A neutral sand-colored silicone pocket bib that's designed to be rolled up for convenience, shown alongside its waterproof zippered carry bag with a handle, making it a top choice for on-the-go dining.
Babero de Silicona con Bolsa Impermeable

Babero de Silicona con Bolsa Impermeable

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Baberos de bolsillo de silicona: la mejor manera de mantener a su bebé limpio y sin ensuciar

Los baberos de silicona Brightberry son suaves y livianos (pero no endebles) para garantizar la máxima comodidad y funcionalidad. Se enrollan y guardan fácilmente en la bolsa impermeable incluida para mayor comodidad mientras viaja.

Con un tamaño de cuello ajustable , nuestros baberos se adaptan perfectamente tanto a bebés como a niños pequeños. El bolsillo frontal que permanece abierto atrapa los derrames, lo que reduce la suciedad en la ropa de su hijo a la hora de comer.

Nuestro diseño de babero de una sola pieza previene el crecimiento de moho , garantizando la higiene.

Cada babero Brightberry viene en un embalaje ecológico que también sirve como bolsa de almacenamiento y transporte .

La limpieza es muy sencilla: limpie, enjuague o apta para lavavajillas . Nuestros baberos están hechos de silicona de grado alimenticio de la FDA, no tóxica y sin BPA.

Ligeros (97 gramos) e irresistiblemente suaves al tacto, los baberos de silicona Brightberry son la opción ideal. ¡Pide el tuyo ahora para disfrutar de comidas sin complicaciones!


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      • Eco Friendly, Reusable Forever
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      Kids silicone bibs

      Stay open catch pocket silicone baby bibs

      We have thought through every design choice to give you the best silicone baby bib for your child. Firstly, our silicone bibs are made of a single piece of silicone which eliminates joins and other crevices where food can get stuck and develop mould. This design also makes it a deceptively simple shape that is easy to wash thoroughly.

      silicone bib in sage colour with sustainable and reusable packaging storage bag
      silicone bib with adjustable size

      Adjustable neck size

      The silicone is soft and sits pleasantly on a baby's skin. The left neck strap has six reinforced button holes to provide ample room as your bubs grow. The right strap has two buttons that provide excellent stability so the bib won't slip off during an extra animated mealtime. The buttons are also easy to slip in and out of the holes and work correctly every time. So, when the meal's finished, there's no need to fiddle around getting it off.

      Catch pocket bib

      The pouch built into the bottom of the bib is there to protect your baby's clothes and catch any stray baby food or drink your little one misses in their quest to self-feed.

      Whether your little one is in their high chair or wandering around with their favourite snack, our silicone bib is there to scoop up what they miss.

      roll and go silicone bibs in shades of pink, blue and green

      Roll and go bib

      Our silicone baby bibs come with an added perk for the on-the-go parent. They're easily stored and transported, thanks to our innovative sustainable packaging that doubles as a practical storage bag. Made from machine-washable and waterproof material, it is the perfect companion for on-the-go mealtimes.

      Just roll up the bib, tuck it into the bag, and you're ready for a picnic, a day at the park or a meal out.

      Strong and durable material

      We only use the safest material for babies. At Brightberry, we use 100% safe food grade silicone in all of our products. Here are some of the highlights:

      light blue and dark blue soft silicone bibs

      Heat & cold resistant

      Silicone withstands a wide range of temperatures, from very cold to very hot. You can expose your bib to steam and boiling water to sterilise it without affecting the silicone material.


      Brightberry bibs are durable enough to last for years. Reduce the strain on your wallet and the environment by passing them down between siblings so all your children can enjoy quality products. That's the best kind of recycling.

      Easy to clean silicone bibs

      Our bibs' simple design makes them easy to hand wash in warm soapy water or wipe with a damp cloth after use. Brightberry bibs are also dishwasher safe so that you can stack them with other items for easy cleaning.

      Your little one's safety comes first

      We are proud to have well-designed baby products on the market. But that would mean nothing to us if they weren't also the safest. Why do we feel so confident making that claim? We'll tell you.

      Read more

      Toxin Free

      Our silicone is entirely PVC, phthalate, and BPA free. These chemicals connect to various adverse health effects, particularly in children at a delicate developmental stage, like your baby or toddler. Distressingly, they're also quite common in the manufacturing process of many plastics. These health concerns are a big part of why we want to stay well away from plastics and give you an option for your child free from harmful chemicals.

      Stringently tested food grade silicone

      You wouldn't take any chances with your child's welfare, and neither would we. That's why we partner with TUV Laboratories for safety testing. TUV Laboratories have been operating for over a century and are one of the world's foremost product testing companies. Our bibs and other products undergo strict testing protocols at TUV Laboratories' facilities to ensure they pose zero risk to your kids.

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