Adhesivos con ventosas para bandejas de tronas
Adhesivos con ventosas para bandejas de tronas
Adhesivos con ventosas para bandejas de tronas
Adhesivos con ventosas para bandejas de tronas
Adhesivos con ventosas para bandejas de tronas
tray suction sticker
A person pulling a bowl from a high chair tray. The high chair has a smooth surface and a long-lasting suction sticker so the bowl doesn't budge.
A person installing a suction sticker on a tray on a high chair.
A person cleans a high chair tray with a sponge. The high chair has installed a suction sticker, which is durable, long-lasting and easy to clean.
A man lifting a stokke tripp trapp with a suction bowl showing a strong suction using Brightberry original suction sticker
Adhesivos con ventosas para bandejas de tronas

Adhesivos con ventosas para bandejas de tronas

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¡Transforma la bandeja de tu trona con pegatinas de succión Brightberry!

¿Tienes problemas con la succión en bandejas texturizadas para tronas como Stokke Clikk, Bugaboo Giraffe o Nuna Zaaz ? ¡Nuestras pegatinas de succión Brightberry son tu solución ideal!

Solución de succión sin esfuerzo:
♥︎ Ampliando el éxito de nuestra solución original para la bandeja Stokke Tripp Trapp.
♥︎ Fácil de aplicar para una mejora instantánea en la succión.
♥︎ Perfecto para las bandejas Stokke Clikk, Bugaboo Giraffe y Nuna Zaaz.

Innovador y funcional:
♥︎ El primero de su tipo, diseñado y fabricado en Australia 🇦🇺.
♥︎ Las pegatinas de succión Brightberry mejoran la funcionalidad de las bandejas de las sillas altas.

Combínelo con nuestros productos galardonados:
♥︎ Facilita aún más tus comidas con nuestros fantásticos tazones y platos, conocidos por su excepcional poder de succión.
♥︎ Los tazones de succión Brightberry theOne™, los platos de fácil extracción theBase™ y los platos divididos theValle™ están especialmente diseñados para ayudar a recoger, promoviendo las habilidades de autoalimentación de los más pequeños.

* Nota : La compatibilidad de las placas de succión varía según el tamaño de las bandejas. Consulte las fotografías del producto para ver qué productos se ajustan a las dimensiones de su bandeja.

Correct Use: We strongly recommend following our provided instructions & YouTube video for the application of the suction sticker. We cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from incorrect usage or attachment that deviates from our guidance.

Tableware Compatibility: While our Suction Sticker is optimised for performance, we cannot guarantee its effectiveness when used with non-Brightberry tableware. For best results, we recommend using it with Brightberry bowl and non-divided easy scooping plate.

Product Assurance: Our Suction Sticker works exactly as shown in our instructional videos when used with Brightberry tableware. For a clearer understanding of its capabilities and to determine if it's the right fit for you, we highly recommend watching our demo videos and reading customer testimonials.

Refund Policy: Due to the nature of this product being a sticker, all sales are final. We only offer refunds if the item is returned in its original, unused condition.

The set includes:
- Brightberry Suction Sticker
- Application Instructions
- Alcohol wipe

On Which Surfaces Can I Use the Suction Sticker?

Our sticker can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, including wooden trays to overcome challenges with textured or scratched surfaces.

However, it's important to note that if you use the Suction Sticker on a wooden surface, there is a chance that the sticker might cause some damage to the surface. 

We cannot guarantee that the sticker will not damage the wooden surface, so we advise that the use of the sticker on such surfaces is at the user's own risk.

For more information, please scroll down the page for additional FAQs.


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suction solver

For Textured High Chair Trays

The Brightberry Tray Suction Stickers are designed to enhance the effectiveness of suction bowls and plates on a variety of high chair trays like Stokke Clikk, Bugaboo Giraffe, or Nuna Zaaz.

Brightberry Suction Stickers work by creating a smooth surface, ensuring a strong and reliable grip for your Brightberry suction bowls and plates.

easy to apply

Ready in Minutes

For the best results with our suction stickers, it is important to start with a clean surface. To achieve a strong and reliable hold, follow our detailed instructions.

Need guidance? Click here for step-by-step instructions and watch our helpful installation video to get started.


Easy to Clean

Brightberry suction solver tray stickers are designed for longevity, providing a dependable and practical solution to keep suction bowls and plates securely in place, minimising spills and messes.

Plus, maintaining them is a breeze - a quick wipe with a damp cloth keeps them looking pristine and ready for every meal.

Choose Your Perfect Fit

Brightberry's versatile suction solution comes in multiple shapes, including round and rectangle. These stickers can be easily trimmed to any size, ensuring a custom fit for a variety of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Made from durable custom vinyl, our unique stickers provide strong suction wherever you need it.

For Other Textured High Chair Trays

Solve suction issues on textured surfaces of high chair trays like Stokke Clikk, Bugaboo Giraffe, and Nuna Zaaz with Brightberry Suction Stickers. Enhancing functionality and compatibility, they're a perfect match with our award-winning suction bowls and plates.

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Suction Sticker for Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

Upgrade your Stokke Tripp Trapp tray with our Transparent Suction Sticker, a unique Brightberry invention. Designed to create a smooth surface on textured trays, it enhances suction for suction bowls and plates while preserving the tray's aesthetic with its transparent, sleek design.

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Universal Suction Stickers

Enhance your mealtime experience with Brightberry Round and Rectangular Suction Stickers, the ultimate suction solver for various surfaces. Perfectly tailored for textured, worn or scratched trays and tables, they ensure a strong hold for suction bowls and plates.

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Ideal for Brightberry Tableware

Our tray suction stickers are designed for optimal compatibility and work seamlessly with Brightberry's award-winning theOne™ suction bowls, theBase™ easy scooping plates and theValle™ divided plates.

Compatibility of suction plates varies with tray sizes. Check the product photos to see which products fit your tray dimensions.


Thoroughly Clean the Surface: The most crucial step for a successful suction sticker application is starting with an impeccably clean surface. Ensure your surface is clean and free of soap, oil, or food residue, as these can interfere with the sticker's adhesion.

Apply the Sticker: After thoroughly cleaning and drying the surface you're ready to apply the sticker. We have two recommended methods for the best results.

For a detailed guide, please visit our blog or watch our instructional videos on YouTube.

We recommend the Brightberry Suction Sticker to be used with Brightberry suction bowls and plates. However, we cannot guarantee that it will work as effective with other brands of suction tableware. This is because not all suction tableware is created equal. Some brands use stronger suction cups than others, and some brands use different materials that may not adhere as well to the sticker.

If you are unsure whether or not your suction tableware will work with the Brightberry suction solver sticker, we recommend testing it out first. Place the tableware on a flat surface without any texture and then press the suction cup onto the surface. If the suction cup holds firmly, it will likely work with the Brightberry Suction Sticker.

Cleaning the Brightberry suction sticker is easy! Here's how:

1 Use a soft sponge with water and mild detergent to wipe the surface of the sticker and remove any food residue.

2 Remove any remaining soap from the sticker with a damp cloth.

3 Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the sticker until it is completely dry.

Alternatively, you can remove the tray from the high chair and wash it under warm running water.

Your tray is now ready for the next use!

Both white and transparent suction stickers can be cleaned in the same way, and following these simple steps will help ensure that your Brightberry tray suction solver stays clean and in good condition for many uses to come.

We're sorry, but the Suction sticker cannot be reapplied or reused once the sticker is removed.

The Suction Sticker is designed to provide a strong and reliable hold to the tray, but it can only be applied once.

If/when you need to remove the Suction Sticker for any reason, please refer to our YouTube instruction video. While the Suction Sticker cannot be reused, you can always purchase a new replacement sticker.

No, the Suction Sticker will not damage your high chair tray. Our stickers are primarily designed for plastic surfaces, ensuring they do not cause any damage to these types of materials. If you plan to use the sticker on other surfaces, please proceed with caution.

When you need to remove the Suction Sticker for any reason, we have provided a helpful instruction video on our YouTube channel to guide you through the process safely and effectively.

The Brightberry Suction Sticker can be used on other textured surfaces for suction bowls and suction plates to stick effectively.

However, it's important to note that if you use the Suction Sticker on a wooden surface, there is a chance that the sticker might cause some damage to the surface.

We advise that the use of the sticker on such surfaces is at the user's own risk.

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